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 +====== Blowfish-4-PHP ======
 +===== Description =====
 +Some weeks ago i was searching for an easy way to do blowfish-stuff with php, but the only solution i found was using mcrypt or use some wrappers which weren't working for me. Due to several reasons, this was not what i wanted and i started to port blowfish to PHP, now theoreticaly you only need this php-source to encrypt and decrypt with blowfish, but the problem is, it is incredible slow!!!!!
 +Like other implementations, this is not perfect, it is only used with strings, not with bytes, however, this is just a test and it is not fitting for my need yet because of the speed-problem, but if you like to help me optimize this code, you're welcome, write a mail to me if you want to contribute or just for something else...
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 +===== Files =====
 +{{projects:blow-4-php-0.0.7-dev.gz|blow-4-php-0.0.7-dev (current)}}
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