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We are currently building a new server for cyberphoria. Here, real project hosting can be done with the power of The last server was already configured with a gforge version, but we have made several changes for compatibility with php5 and the last server was shut down because the provider is not available anymore.

Have a look at the Project-listing

Released/Active/Public projects

Name Site Involved
Memcached-1.1.13-pre+tags memcached [Terminar]
Qmail smtp-auth-send patch qmail-smtp-auth-send [Terminar]
linux@dbox2,neutrinoNG [McClean, Mtbdesk, Terminar]

Obsolete projects

Name Site Involved Description
Shmerge [Terminar, Arzt] Shmerge is a compile&install tool completely written in bash. It was inspired by the gentoo portage
Blow-4-PHP blow-4-php [Terminar] imported into kaimera weblets, again available when kaimera weblets are rewritten and public
Xtasy - xchat on steroids (plugin for xchat) [Terminar, Toskala, Arzt] Project is dead. Xtasy was written for XChat/gtk1 and is not compatible to the new plugin api from XChat. Maybe this will be rewritten someday, but don't count on it.

Unfinished/Nonpublic projects

Name Site Involved Description [Terminar, Arzt, Kretze] system will be redesigned and recoded with kaimera weblets and kaimera classes
Kaimera c++ Classes & Applications [Terminar]
Kaimera Macumi php Weblets [Terminar] c++ classes, dyndns server+client, mysql irc services, ipv6 compatible socket class for linux/win32
many missing, but not yet categorized [the whole crew]
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